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Here’s a selection of success stories from our studio guest-book … we call it “Celebrating Change“, because that pretty much tells the story. Please read on:

“In second-year music college I sustained a back injury, and was told that it was there for good.  I went to chiropractors and osteopaths and was told nothing could be done.”

“After six or seven yoga classes I could lie – for the first time in ten years – with my back completely on the floor.”

“When I started practising yoga it was agony, but now I feel completely normal! It’s like magic …”  R.S.

“I have only practised Bikram Yoga for two weeks, but already feel the changes in body and spirit. I have to stop myself from crying at the end of classes because of the overwhelming gratitude I feel for having found this” R.R.

“All my life I never knew I would be capable of such things! I came to yoga with a hope of finding peace after my relationship with my partner ended, and not only have I found the road to peace, I have lost 10kg, feel wonderful and HAPPY! Who would have thought.” E.C.

“When I was 14 I had spinal fusion done on my lumbar spine. [In] my first class I found some postures very painful, and believed that the flexibility I have with the rest of my body wouldn’t extend to my lower spine, but only a few weeks into it, I  have discovered flexibility I didn’t know was possible with my spine. It is still fused with metal and bone, but I have found that I was mentally holding myself back, and didn’t know my limits yet.” B.U.

“I have only been practising yoga for two months, and already lost 4kg, [have] less migraine attacks and back pains, and [am] a lot happier and healthier and more at peace with myself and others. It’s awesome! It has totally transformed me. I even cut my long hair after 10 years. I know there is more healing to be done: physically, mentally and emotionally.”

“Thank you so much to my teachers. Peace be with you.” P.T.

“I started Bikram Yoga four months ago, and signed up for The Challenge one month before my wedding. Bikram Yoga helped me stay calm in a very busy period of my life (working full-time, starting a new business, planning a wedding, and house-hunting). I was told I was an extremely calm bride, I lost weight, toned up, and looked great on my wedding day. Thankyou so much!” K.O.

“I have never felt more at peace and happy in life. I started my practice in Melbourne some ten months ago. I walked into my first class overweight, unmotivated, depressed and carrying soreness from a knee reconstruction. Yoga has made things much clearer, and here I am back in my home town, practising at Lane Cove. Thank you Bikram, you have put my life back on track.” M.L.T.

“I’m from America and have taken Bikram Yoga classes all over the United States. Never have I been so inspired in my practice as I am here in Sydney at Bikram Yoga Northside. I feel my body and mind as one, and the spirit moving within me throughout every 90-minute class. I feel like smiling, crying, laughing, and falling into a deep sleep, all at once! Thank you for helping to build my practice, and making my time in Australia even more memorable.” E.C.

“I find my thinking much clearer, de-cluttered and positive. My body feels energetic, free and lighter, and it has helped to release some deep-rooted emotions such as anger and resentment.” Mary Walker

“Bikram Yoga has been a godsend for me. I had tried many ways of fixing my lower back problems, but Bikram is the only thing that has given me the results I was looking for. I am amazed at how much my ability to concentrate and focus and handle pressure at work has improved.” Paul Layet

“Bikram Yoga has reduced my negative thinking, helped my body become more flexible, taught me patience and supported my wellbeing in body mind and spirit.” Louise Newman

“It has strengthened me emotionally. I feel like I can take on anything, and I love how relaxed and refreshed I feel after class.” Melinda Duffy

“Core strength is a new thing for me. That has helped my back issues a lot. It was pretty much my last hope, and thank God it is working.” Simon Kennedy

“I enjoy the mental and physical challenge of staying in the hot room. It starts with the mental battle to just show up then ends with the reward of being able to stretch that little bit further or hold that little bit longer. I like my body more because I am impressed with what it can do at my age.” Janice McNeilage

“It has lengthened my swimming stroke so I can now swim faster without putting in more effort. It has helped me strengthen muscles useful in my running. It has meant I can do something together with my husband, which is great.” Josie Ryan

“Mentally it has given me clarity and strength in overcoming the negatives in my thinking, physically my body just works better overall, and emotionally it’s given me more confidence in how I view myself and others around me.” Angela Dainter

“When I practice it changes my world: I feel like a different person and love attending the sessions. I stand taller and feel so much better.” Rachel Clissold

“I have a history of back and neck problems as well as injuries from years of competitive sport. Since starting Bikram, I haven’t had to seek treatment from any health professionals for any of my previous concerns and I am now stronger and fitter.” Julia Yetsenga

“Bikram Yoga has evened out my emotional and mental state. Physically I found a chronic digestion condition has almost disappeared, and a knee injury has healed to the extent that I now no longer consider having surgery.” Jem Pickford

“Immense benefits – aside from increased stamina, strength and improved flexibility, the ‘me’ time has allowed me to deal with the stresses of my job in a much more controlled manner.” Erica Tsang

“I love everything about Bikram yoga, I love feeling so cleansed internally after a class, I love feeling so energised after a class, I love feeling so calm in my daily life from doing Bikram and I love the private space of thinking of nothing else when I am in Bikram.” J.C.

Do you have an item you can add to our list of Bikram Yoga success stories? Please add your comments below.

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8 Responses to Success stories

  1. When i met Bikram Yoga, I was in a bad shape. I had high blood pressure, eczema, a backache when sleeping, insomnia because of that, really slow metabolism, constipation, crankiness and whole a lot of stress. I liked Bikram Yoga because it made all these things fade and eventually go away. It helped me to focus on myself but nothing else. It helped me to concentrate on what my body needed instead of sweets, on commercials and food channels. I feel much healthier now than 3 years ago when I started bikram yoga. And more than anything else, I would like to thank Toni, the director of the KM studio and her staff for all their support so that I kept coming back to the studio no matter what. Bikram Yoga Kearny Mesa is my home. — A. M.

  2. admin says:

    We’re a long way from Kearney Mesa, Ward, but we’re confident you’re in good hands there. It sure sounds like it from your great testimonial. Keep going back, and if you ever visit Sydney, we’ll do our best to give you a warm welcome.

  3. Wayne Adams says:

    Place your mat in an available space Do not ask other students to move. Spaces in the studio are on a first come first served basis. No one has any privilege to take a space occupied by someone else. If you feel the layout of the mats could be improved, please ask the teacher before class starts to rearrange the mats.

  4. Bikram Yoga Lynchburg changed my life. I realize that statement is common place in a testimonial, however, I firmly believe that I cannot say it enough. I am a 36 years old female, who has lived most of my life with severe anxiety and weight issues. After a year of Bikram yoga, I am proud and delighted to say that I no longer take medication for my anxiety, and my weight has dropped significantly. I have never considered myself very “zen”. In fact I would never in a million years have thought that I would be a “yoga person”, and anyone who knew me pre-Bikram would have scoffed at the mere thought of me going to a yoga class. However, I am proud to be a “yoga person”, and I am very vocal about my commitment to my practice at Bikram Yoga Lynchburg and the impact it has had on my life. My marriage, my job, and my social life have all been positively affected by my yoga practice. I am happier, healthier, kinder, and have more energy than I did when I was 20. I am a professor, and even the students in my classes have noticed the change in my personality, my increased patience, and my new found ability to have faith in, belief in, hope for and love of each person I encounter. I realize this sounds absurd, but it is the truth. Bikram Yoga Lynchburg has not only changed my body (a pretty amazing bonus), but has also changed my heart and spirit as well. I am forever indebted to Gretchen, Sarah, Allie, and Cameron for helping me to unwind my tightly wound self and see my unlimited positive potential. I am proud to be labeled a “yoga person”. Namaste.

  5. It is not unusual to feel nauseous or dizzy during your first class. Practicing yoga in a heated room reveals to us our present condition, and inspires us take much better care of ourselves.

  6. Clint says:

    My whole body was riddled with Rheumatoid Arthritis, a chronic disease that doctors agree has no known cause and no known cure. It is a chronic state in which the body is attacking it’s own joints, in a state of innocent confusion. My prognosis was poor and I was told by the best medical doctors that I would spend the rest of my life on toxic drugs that would prevent me from having children. As I stood at the back of the room before beginning my first Bikram Yoga class I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind. Most of them were regarding pain. But after getting through that first class, and now completed over 600 classes in total, I am free of all of my drugs, no more inflammation riddling my body and have a beautiful healthy daughter! Thanks to Bikram Yoga I have my life back. Check out my blog for more inspiration about Bikram Yoga and my Rheumatoid Arthritis story –

    Thanks again!
    Clint :-)

  7. leenu harris says:

    I was one of those people who said I would NEVER do hot yoga! One year later, I can’t imagine my life without Bikram! I just feel like another person! I have Knee injuries but I feel I’m working through them! I also feel I’m part of a wonderful community and just wish I had started years ago! Leenu

  8. leenu harris says:

    As an older member of the Bikram family-Yes I feel like that after a year-I feel that Bikram is the most beneficial exercise I have ever been part of! It helps emotionally as well as physically! I can’t imagine my life without Bikram Yoga!

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