Studio & Facilities

At Bikram Yoga Northside, the physical environment is designed to communicate silently but powerfully as part of the whole yoga experience.
Leave your cares, fears and doubts behind as you pass our zen garden in the lobby.
You can expect a warm welcome at the reception desk. We’ll do our best to make you feel welcome, introduce you to other students, show you the facilities, and make it as easy as possible for you to get started. We encourage a friendly, inclusive, community.
Unlike some studios and gyms, we wash and disinfect the studio mats each time they are used, and spray them with our custom blend of pure refined Teatree, Lavender and other essential oils, that have antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Regular students may store mats at the studio, provided they are clearly marked and stored in a bag.

  Pure Air:
If you’ve taken a Bikram Yoga class anywhere else in the world, you’ll notice there’s one thing very different about Northside: no unpleasant smell! We have two EcoQuest FreshAir sanitizers that run overnight for 8 hours, and between classes during the day. Just two hours running is proven to result in a 99.9% reduction in all viable organisms (mould, mildew, bacteria, and staph), and we purify the room with 8 times that!
  Healthy Rooms:
The wall surfaces and carpet have been specially treated with Solarcoat, which is an environmentally friendly agent with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and has been proven effective against even the SARS virus. You can find more information here, or contact the local distributor here. Carpets are also regularly cleaned with a safe non-toxic antimicrobial Bactoshield
  Room with a view:
Bikram Yoga Northside now operates two yoga rooms, the first in Australia to do so. That’s how 90-minute classes can be offered on the hour, by alternating rooms.

Our main room is possibly the only yoga room in the world with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Both yoga rooms are both light and airy, and there’s no uncomfortable "closed-in" feeling. The heat is maintained by extensive doubleglazing.

  Abundant Showers:
Bikram Yoga Northside has nine showers, each with private cubicles. Even with that many, we do ask that you respect others and limit your time in the shower. We ask students to leave showers and basins just as they would like to find them.
You’ll find everything you’ll need in our studio store: Mats, mat-bags, books, CDs, towels, water-bottles, water and isotonic drinks. Select something from our great range of Yoga-wear. And, if you’re practising regularly, we suggest keeping your body electrolytes and minerals in balance with Endura, available at the desk.
Lockers are provided free of charge. Please take the key with you, and leave the key in the door when you’re done.