It’s cold outside, and even the studio has “winter woollies” on.

IMG_3844One of the outstanding features of Bikram Yoga Northside is the city sky-line view (harbour bridge included). During the winter months, though, it’s a challenge to retain the heat in the room, as we lose a lot of heat through the wall of windows, even though they have double-glazing.

This year, we’ve decided to add drapes to create a winter-mode that will help with the heat, although it means sacrificing the outlook for a few months.

The feedback so far has been outstanding, as over 90% of the students have said they love it. We understand that sometimes, and for some people, change is uncomfortable. The room has a very different “feel” now: very cosy, warmer and less prone to external distractions. Fortunately, the view is still there, and you’ll still be able to enjoy it from the balcony before and after class. We trust you’ll appreciate the benefits of the extra cosiness during the winter months.
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