How to find your best value Pass

Here are some resources that will help you work out which is the best value pass for you to buy, based on your frequency of practice.

If you’re new to Bikram Yoga Northside, your best initial purchase will be the 30-day Introductory Pass, which you can buy online here.

Before you come to the end of your Introductory Pass, we recommend that you check this chart … look down the first column to see how many days/week you want to attend, and then run your eye across the row to see which pass will give you the lowest average cost/class.

If you’re practicing two or more times a week, the best value is going to be the ValueDirectPass, which, (for example) at 2/week works out at $14.50/class and at 3/week is only $9.67/class, a fraction of the cost of a casual class. Commit to a minimum of three months, and, at only $29/week, you’ll save $55/month compared to the cost of a normal one-month pass.

For existing members, here’s how to arrange the ValueDirect Pass:

1. Click on this link. You will see a page headed “Contracts”.

2. Select a payment frequency that suits you from the drop-down menu, (weekly/fortnightly/monthly), and decide when you want to begin.

3. Enter your email or Login ID that you used if you registered on-line and the password you set up.

4. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

5. If this is your first visit to MindBodyOnline, you will need to set up a log-in … do that first.

Be careful not to correctly identify yourself from the names offered, and not create a new (duplicate) record, or your special offer will not display for you.

Best Value pass

If you are still on your 30-day Intro Pass and you want to see something special that’s just for you:

    • Sign in first – your “Bikram Yoga Northside ID” is the number with the bar-code on the back of your membership card.

    • If you see a little red (M) icon by your name, that means your 30-day Intro Pass is still current, and you are eligible for a special offer.

    • Go to “ONLINE STORE”, click on “Contracts”, and select one of the items in the drop-down menu, (Hint: look for the word “Special”), and select your desired starting-date.

Best Value

Follow these steps, and you’ll always be sure to get the best value yoga for your dollar.
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